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Farm Journal Foundation Co-Sponsors Maryland Event Showcasing Agricultural Research

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 7, 2024) Congressional staff and industry stakeholders joined  Farm Journal Foundation and the National Coalition for Food and Agricultural Research (NCFAR) for an event demonstrating the impact of public-sector agricultural research and development. 

The May 6 event featured a field day and educational session showcasing agricultural research facilities at the University of Maryland College Park, followed by a tour of USDA ARS Beltsville Agricultural Research Center as part of NCFAR’s Annual Meeting and Fly-In. Farm Journal Foundation Farmer Ambassador Belinda Burrier is speaking at the event reception tonight, alongside Rep. Jim Baird (R-IN), highlighting the benefits of agricultural research and development and thanking officials for their support.

“As food prices increase and weather conditions continue to impact crops, it’s more important now than ever for the U.S. to invest in long-term public agriculture research to be able to provide an abundant supply of affordable food to the world,” said Kelsey Barnes, Director of Government Affairs at Farm Journal Foundation. 

Over the last two decades, U.S. public spending on agricultural research has declined in real dollars, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. At the same time competitors including China and the European Union have increased their investments. Agricultural research and development is a significant topic in current discussions about the Farm Bill and is a priority for many groups across the country. 

"Thank you to the Farm Journal Foundation for supporting this event highlighting the value of federal investment in agricultural research," said NCFAR Executive Director Laura Wood. "The field day showcased the important R&D work being done at USDA and land-grant universities, which is crucial to protecting our nutrition security and to building resilience in our food system."


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