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Farm Journal Foundation commissions and publishes peer-reviewed policy papers to drive discussions around how agriculture can help the world achieve food and nutrition security.



The Foundation works with academics and other leading thought partners to publish research and analysis on issues such as global food security's relationship with national security, global nutrition, and the impact of climate change on farmers. These papers are meant to drive conversations on how the U.S. can support agricultural innovation and share knowledge with farmers in developing countries to drive global economic growth. Ultimately, stronger economies and a more food-secure world benefits U.S. national security and creates new opportunities for U.S. trade.

Following the release of our first three papers, the Foundation was the only nonprofit invited to testify before the House of Representatives on the subject of agricultural research and development, leading to the enactment of eight provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill. Our research continues to provide a basis for many of our policy discussions, including events we co-host at international conferences such as the World Food Prize, COP27, and COP28.

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