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Today, 98% of American citizens do not actively engage in agriculture, with the majority being several generations removed from any direct connection to farming. To bring consumers closer to the farm and the food that’s grown there, the Foundation launched the “Agriculture Through the Voice of the Farmer Garden” in 2019. This living classroom, located adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., was created through a cooperative agreement with USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service. 

For a decade, Farm Journal Foundation has engaged with diverse stakeholders to bring the story of agriculture to life through multi-modal exhibitions and outreach programs. The Voice of the Farmer Garden helps visitors understand the origins of their food, how farmers and ranchers manage their operations, the importance of agriculture to the U.S. economy, and the variety of practices that are used to create safe, affordable food for us all.

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The Agriculture through the Voice of the Farmer Garden is staffed by Student Ambassadors who are college students or recent graduates that have been specially trained through the Foundation’s leadership development programs. In the Garden, these Ambassadors engage with visitors, host VIP delegations, and manage the exhibit. At a time when consumers are more interested than ever in how their food is grown, the Voice of the Farmer Garden connects modern agriculture to consumers in a way that is impactful and memorable.

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