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Today, 98% of American citizens do not actively engage in agriculture, with the majority being several generations removed from any direct connection to farming. To bring consumers closer to the farm and the food that’s grown there, Farm Journal Foundation launched the Voice of the Farmer Garden program in 2019.


These interactive outdoor learning spaces allow visitors to see many of the major crops grown in the U.S., learn about important agricultural issues, and watch engaging videos of farmers and others in the food supply chain telling the story of agriculture. The program is expanding to state venues across the country, including state fairs, universities, and state departments of agriculture.



Farm Journal Foundation’s Voice of the Farmer Garden program began in 2019 with an experiential learning garden on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Today, Voice of the Farmer Gardens appear at state venues, with our first in-state garden launched in 2023 at the New York State Fairs. State gardens are customized to showcase each state's unique agricultural industry, and usually include dozens of varieties of crops, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and pollinator plants. The Voice of the Farmer Garden is an interactive exhibit, with informative signage that contain QR codes that visitors can scan to watch videos on their mobile phones.

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