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The U.S. faces a significant shortage of rural, food-systems veterinarians, threatening agricultural livelihoods, rural economic growth, disease control, animal health, and public health. Farm. Farm Journal Foundation's Veterinary Workforce Solutions program seeks to address the root causes of this shortage and create a stronger, more vibrant veterinary workforce that supports practitioners, farmers, and rural economic development.

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Meet our Vet Ambassadors

Farm Journal Foundation's Veterinary Ambassadors represent a vast and diverse network of passionate and engaged producers from across the country.



More than 500 counties across the U.S. have shortages of food animal veterinarians, creating numerous risks for public health, animal well-being, and rural economic development. Our Veterinary Workforce Solutions Program began in 2022 to investigate this critical issue and drive solutions to create a stronger workforce. Farm Journal Foundation recently published a policy paper that analyzes the various challenges facing the sector and barriers that prevent practitioners from building long-term careers in rural areas, including high levels of student debt, demanding work schedules, and lack of business training and support.

In addition to policy research, the Veterinary Workforce Solutions Program brings together coalitions of leaders from across the veterinary medicine, education, government, and agricultural sectors to discuss solutions to this crisis. We also launched a Veterinary Ambassador program, bringing thought leaders to Washington, D.C., to educate policymakers about the value veterinarians bring to rural communities. Looking ahead, we are launching a new pilot educational platform to support students on their journey to establishing veterinary careers.

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