Food is a basic human necessity, and yet millions of people around the world are forced to do without. Today, about 811 million people go to bed hungry every night and that number has been trending higher, reversing decades of progress, according to the United Nations. Global populations are rising, increasing overall demand for food, while the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change are making the situation even more critical.

While the world faces big challenges, there are fortunately many solutions to help increase global harvests and alleviate hunger. The majority of the world’s hungry people are smallholder farmers who have disproportionately low crop yields, so if we can expand access to U.S. agricultural innovations on the global stage, it could go a long way toward ending hunger. Farm Journal Foundation advocates for U.S. leadership on global food security initiatives – helping to alleviate hunger through American farming know-how.

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Our Work on Global Food Security

Farm Journal Foundation works to improve global food security through a range of thought leadership, education, and advocacy efforts. Some examples of this work include: