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Our world today is rapidly changing. Increasingly volatile weather conditions are already wreaking havoc on crops around the world, and this situation is only expected to intensify in coming years. Climate change is a real and present threat to global food security, and today’s farmers must adapt in order to continue producing the crops we all depend on.

While farmers are uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change, they are also strategically positioned to be part of the solution. As stewards of the land, they can have a big impact on our country’s overall sustainability – contributing to soil health, carbon sequestration efforts, biodiversity, and management of water resources. Farm Journal Foundation supports government policies and efforts to help farmers implement sustainable, climate-smart practices. We also know that it’s important for consumers and industry leaders to do their part, so our education programs showcase how we can all contribute in the fight against climate change.

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Our Work on Sustainable Agriculture

Farm Journal Foundation works to advance conservation and sustainability through a range of thought leadership, education, and advocacy efforts. Some examples of this work include:

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