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A farmer in the U.S. today feeds 155 people annually, whereas a farmer two generations ago fed just 19 people. The world’s population will continue to increase by more than two billion people by 2050. Expanded nutritional needs will require farmers and producers around the world to rise to the challenge of producing more food while mitigating the impacts of water scarcity, a changing climate, and constraints on arable land.


Farm Journal Foundation’s Farmer Ambassador Program engages farmers and producers from across the country as advocates for investment in modern agricultural developments to ensure access to food and nutritional security internationally. 

Farm Journal Foundation is proud to be one of the only organizations to bring a network of engaged farmers and producers to the center of the conversations around agricultural innovations and nutrition. 

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Meet our Farmer Ambassadors

Farm Journal Foundation's Farmer Ambassadors represent a vast and diverse network of passionate and engaged producers from across the country.

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Farmer Ambassadors host more than 100 meetings each year with national-level policymakers, author influential op-eds for state and national-level publications, engage with thought leaders on widely attended panels, and demonstrate the necessity for responsible, technology-based agricultural solutions.

The Farmer Ambassador program builds a coalition across the agriculture community to connect the role of modern agriculture and U.S. farmers to the empowerment of smallholder farmers in emerging economies.

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