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Farm Journal Foundation Joins AIM for Climate Initiative Launched at COP26

Washington D.C. (Nov. 2) -- Farm Journal Foundation is proud to join the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for C), a global initiative aimed at increasing investment in agricultural innovations to help our food system prepare for and fight climate change.

AIM for Climate, launched at the United Nations Conference on Climate (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, is jointly led by the U.S. and United Arab Emirates and includes governments, international organizations, nonprofits, companies, industry groups, and other stakeholders from around the world, all working towards driving transformative climate action in the agricultural sector and building more sustainable, resilient food systems.

Farm Journal Foundation joined AIM for Climate as a Knowledge Partner, and will contribute to the effort by amplifying agricultural innovations and advocating for increased investments in research to address climate change.

“Farmers and our food supply chain have a critical role to play in the fight against climate change,” said Tricia Beal, chief executive officer of Farm Journal Foundation. “We are grateful to AIM for Climate for elevating the role of agriculture, and especially agricultural research and innovation, in global policy discussions.”

Agricultural production and farming livelihoods are increasingly at risk from climate change, as erratic weather patterns reduce crop yields and livestock performance and lead to increased market volatility. At the same time, agriculture can contribute to the global fight against climate change. In the U.S., agriculture accounts for about 10% of greenhouse gas emissions for the entire economy, yet with the right government incentives and research support, the sector could become a net carbon sink, according to a report commissioned by Farm Journal Foundation.

Agricultural research and innovations, such as those supported by AIM for Climate, can help address a range of challenges facing farmers both in the U.S. and abroad. Examples of climate-smart agricultural solutions, as discussed in Farm Journal Foundation’s recent report, include practices that help to capture carbon in the soils, lower methane emissions from livestock, increase soil nutrient content and fertility, develop higher-yielding crops that are resilient in the face of changing climate patterns, and improve energy efficiency for farms. Importantly, agricultural research has one of the highest returns of any public investment, estimated at $17 to every $1 spent.

“Climate change is a significant threat to global food security and farming livelihoods around the world,” said David Hong, senior vice president of government affairs at Farm Journal Foundation. “Greater investments in agricultural research and innovation, spearheaded by the AIM for Climate initiative, will help make our food system more resilient against the challenges that lie ahead.”

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