This in-class experience provides the opportunity for a deeper dialogue about issues related to food and agriculture. Global thought leaders are engaged to partner with the Foundation to build curriculum and deliver guest lectures. Each FJF in the Classroom modules includes: syllabus, teacher notes, presentation materials, student summaries and discussion questions. FJF n the Classroom is always streamed live to enable global participation through Periscope and Facebook.

Ricky Dollison

Lead farmer, GA 

Fort Valley University 

HU Tour 2016

"The technology that today's farmers use is much improved over what it was 50 years ago. That new technology not only helps farmers by improving their efficiency, but also reduces the cost of food to consumers and helps to preserve the natural environment we all live in."



Each semester the Foundation engages with a diverse range of institutions including Ivy League institutions, liberal arts colleges, large state universities, and land grant universities. Through this program the Foundation has engaged with over 3 million students across more than 250 university campuses and other venues. The goal of the university engagement program is to create future champions for agriculture by providing experiential learning, leadership development opportunities, and to offer what is often student’s first opportunity to directly advocate to national-level policymakers.


3 million college students 
250 campuses across the US


Classroom curriculum 
peer to peer engagement 
Field level learning 
social community


Diverse demographic academic disciplines institutions


Connect student voice to national level policy makers educate consumers voters and future leaders

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