​​Student Ambassadors play a critical role in educating future voters, university students, consumers, and community leaders on the necessity of modern agriculture in creating affordable, accessible, and nutritious food for a growing world. You can find our Student Ambassadors representing our mission on a university campus or in our Voice of the Farmer Garden on the National Mall, harvesting fruit and vegetables for local D.C. food pantries. 

For nearly a decade, the Foundation has created an alumni group of over 50 leaders who have utilized their training to become key leaders, advocates, and communicators for agriculture, hunger, and global food security. This mobile program is a key element of engaging a population that uses their currency of thought, talent, and voting to drive the future of food and global food security.



Virginia Tech

BS Sociology and Political Science


University of Reading, UK

MS Food Security


University of Vermont

BS Environmental and Political Science

Farm Journal Foundation recruits students that are passionate about sustainable and efficient food production with an interest in advocating for agriculture’s role in achieving global food security. Student Ambassadors come from diverse educational backgrounds and use their unique experiences to bring the Foundation's mission to life. A vital pillar of the Student Ambassador's role is building strong relationships with fellow university students, consumers, and community leaders.

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The Student Ambassadors run on-site university dialogues by visiting different campuses, engaging and conversing with the student body about important agricultural issues. In the Voice of the Farmer Garden, consumers get the chance to experience and learn about the diversity of American crops and the technology that is used to produce them. The Student Ambassadors serve as guides to relay the message of modern agriculture and farmers.

The Foundation’s engagement with college students continues well after it leaves each campus. Through dedication to creating lasting connections and champions, the Foundation was able to utilize the relationships created at each university to create grassroots support for the Global Food Security Act in 2016 and its reauthorization in 2018. 

Are you interested in becoming a student ambassador? Apply here!

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