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Pathways to Preventing Famine and Chronic Hunger

October 15, 12:30pm est: Pathways to Preventing Famine and Chronic Hunger

Official World Food Prize Side Event

Over the past decade, partners in government, NGO and the public sector have worked to drastically reduce chronic hunger levels. The current COVID-19 pandemic threatens to undo these improvements and thrust millions of people into famine—how can we prevent this?

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mark Keenum, BIFAD Chair & President, Mississippi State University President


Dr. Catherine Bertini, CCGA Distinguished Fellow; Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University

Dr. Claudia Sadoff, Research Delivery and Impact,CGIAR

Dr. Jayson Lusk, Chair of the Agricultural Economics Department, Purdue University

Dr. Daniel Foster, Innovation Specialist and Teacher Educator, Global Teach Ag! Network, Pennsylvania State University


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