HungerU is staffed by recent graduates and young professionals who travel with the exhibit and talk to their peers about nutrition security issues in the U.S. and around the world on a peer-to-peer level. Further opportunities for deeper engagement on an expert level are available through HungerU’s parallel program, HUNGERU IN THE CLASSROOM. On Select campuses, HungerU will partner with campus leaders to host in-depth lectures and discussions about nutrition security challenges and solutions happening today.

Each HU Crew member receives in-depth training on leadership, media communications,

and how to address controversial issues related to food and agriculture.

Lina Walz-Salvador

HungerU Crew Manager

Impassioned to be a contributor in resolving global food and nutrition concerns, Lina has partnered with the HungerU crew to grow social awareness and spark a new generation of advocates. 

As an esteemed graduate of Webster University, Lina’s background in Media Communication and Photography strengthens her ability in capturing the essence of our challenges ahead, and imparts a unique insight which lends towards developing connection and empathy.

With privileged opportunities of studying and living abroad, Lina has an unabated desire to explore, experience, and create a positive global impression making use of her talents.

When not daydreaming of filling a passport with stamps and worn pages, Lina shares her enthusiasm of small scale farming, and self-sufficiency. 

Cheyenne Edmunson

Partner Outreach + PR

Cheyenne Edmunson graduated from South Dakota State University with    

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, with a Major in Animal Science and Minors in Agronomy, Meat Science & Food Safety


Cheyennes hard work ethic gained from growing up on cattle & crop farm and dedication have instilled responsibility and communication proven through work and involvement in extracurricular activities.


Her inquisitive nature and passion about the agriculture and food industry have made her a great asset to the HungerU 2017 Crew! 

In addition Ms. Edmunson has contributed her knowledge to many organizations including:

FFA Chapter for 6 years​ and 4-H for 10 years. Receiving American (2014) & State (2012) Degrees, State Star Farmer Finalist (2012), District Star Farmer (2011)​ and the American Legion Outstanding Citizenship Award (2011). Not only that, Cheyenne has travelled internationally for an China Agricultural Experience Trip visiting Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Xian and Beijing.

Mary Liese

Marketing + Policy Contact

Mary Liese graduated with a Political Science degree and a minor in History in 2016. 


She believes she is part of the generation to remind young people that sustainable development is key to ensure a better future.  That talking to others about developing plans for the future is critical for the world to help each other, especially during this day and age.


Mary's first hand experience seeing the life on the Navajo Reservation where her family resides with  no running water, no electricity, and no grocery stores for miles has inspired her to work for a nonprofit that could allow me to grow as a woman who wants to fight for all types of people. 

Her strength and need to advocate to those that have no voice makes her a great choice for the HungerU Crew! 

Skyler Matthias

Communcations + Social Media

Skyler Matthias graduated from the University of Iowa with a BA Theatre Arts with an Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate. Although, his background is not in agriculture his infectious enthusiasm to want to advocate for a better world makes him a perfect part of the HungerU team. 


For several years Skyler has developed skills through theatre that translate to many professions including, being able to be responsive to needs of others being adaptable flexible, goal-oriented approach to work, self-confident, creative, resourceful and a positive attitude


While working in a communicative field he has shown he can be dynamic team leader with a undeniable ability to bring energy, enthusiasm, and humor to motivate others to join the advocacy movement in helping to feed the world!

Kelsey Bailey

Accounting + Policy Outreach

Kelsey Bailey graduated with a BA in Political Science from Loyola University Chicago. Graduating magna cum laude, departmental honors in political science, Pi Sigma Alpha (The National Political Honor Society), and Alpha Sigma Nu (The International Jesuit Honor Society).


Kelsey has shown, through her hard work and dedication with several organizations, her presence has been an important piece to the HungerU Crew. These impressive organizations include: The Pan-African Association, the Better Government Association, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Loyola University for Chicago Hunger Week, Amnesty International, and The Global Foodbanking Network. 


In addition Ms. Bailey got the chance to study at the John Felice Rome Center in Rome, and Charles University in Prague.



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