FJF Campus Tour (formally HungerU), is an educational and advocacy platform designed to engage University student populations. A central purpose of the FJF Campus Tour is communication outside of the “bubble” of agriculture with future influencers—voters, consumers, community leaders—to connect people with the central and necessary role of modern agriculture in creating affordable, wholesome food for all.

The Campus Tour model leverages a multi-channel approach to engagement that incorporates the following elements for impact:
  • Campus Ambassador Leadership Program

  • Mobile Learning Exhibit

  • FJF in the Classroom: Thought Leadership and Curriculum

  • Campus-Level Volunteer Engagements

  • Technology-Mobile Application, eLearning, Instant Advocacy: Stakeholder-to-National Policymaker

The FJF Campus Tour is a blend of Ivy League, small Liberal Arts, large State-Affiliated universities and Land Grant universities. Each stop on the tour is carefully crafted based on unique opportunities based on timing and geography. It is typical for the FJF Campus Tour exhibit to embed in special events such as an NCAA championship or school festivals. Based on the partners identified, the tour stop will incorporate any or all elements of the FJF Campus Tour platform (exhibit, classroom lecture, field level experience, volunteer event). Every stop leverages a detailed community plan to ensure that FJF’s value is being communicated through social media and local press (university, community—radio, print, TV) and that local dignitaries including University Leadership, Employees of FJF Campus Tour sponsoring organizations and Policymakers are invited for special tours.



  • Mobile Learning Exhibit: The FJF Campus Tour Mobile Learning Exhibit is anchored by an interactive exhibit that engages participants in a hands-on learning experience where they learn about the role of modern agriculture in feeding the world through online learning, peer-to-peer conversations with Campus Tour Ambassadors and interactive games.

  • FJF in the Classroom: This in-class experience provides the opportunity for a deeper dialogue about issues related to food and agriculture. Global thought leaders are engaged to partner with the Foundation to build curriculum and deliver guest lectures. Each FJF in the Classroom modules includes: syllabus, teacher notes, presentation materials, student summaries and discussion questions. FJF in the Classroom is always streamed live to enable global participation through Periscope and Facebook.

  • Campus-Level Volunteer Engagements:  Campus MeetUps connect participants to volunteer opportunities with mission-aligned organizations working in their local communities. FJF Campus Tour partners with a variety of local partners including: student organizations, campus food pantries, gardens, co-ops and other relevant food and agriculture initiatives.

  • Technology:  Each Campus Tour participant can donate a meal to a local family in need by participating in a 5 minute Campus Tour app. The Campus Tour App guides participants through a few key educational questions about the challenges of domestic and global food security and the role modern agriculture plays in feeding people everywhere. Participants have the capability to directly advocate to their national level policymakers by entering their zip code and sending a customized note and to join the HungerU virtual community. Social media is an integral part of the Campus Tour experience and of ongoing communication for the program, key platforms include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope.

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