Farm Journal Foundation (FJF), hosts field-level learning experiences geared towards key influencer groups for food and agriculture. These experiential, immersive learning trips transport participants directly to farmers, a diversity of production systems and other key aspects of value chain of food creation. These field-level experiences explore the origin of food, the pathway to market and the decision-making process farmers and producers take to bring affordable, wholesome food to tables in the U.S. and around the world.



“I came away with such a deep appreciation and respect for the farming community”
Lauren, Masters Candidate, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Field-Level Learning
    Field-level Learning experiences range from 1-day to 1-week. The goal is to provide hands-on experience to stakeholders at the field-level of agriculture and the opportunity to apply their personal, critical thinking experience to “where food comes from” and the complexity of risks, technologies and market drivers that farmers manage on a daily basis to create safe, accessible food for all.


















Follow Harvard Kennedy School Students In-The-Field with HungerU:








• Video Diaries
Video diaries are captured throughout the journey to capture participants critical thoughts and evolving perceptions as they learn. To view an example of these video dairies please click here to follow the experience of a group of future policymakers from the Harvard Kennedy School

  • Peer-to-Peer Town Halls

To extend the impact of this programs, participants agree to return to their campuses and/or communities to lead a peer-to-peer Town Hall discussion about what they learn. These events are typically attended by 50-100 people.

Coming out here makes you realize there are a lot of solutions to the problems of our world…we have so much expertise in terms of agriculture and feeding the world

Phillip Huppe, Masters Candidate,

Harvard Kennedy School

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