Over the past several years, the Foundation has worked on an e-Learning initiative that provides an overview of the U.S. agricultural system. The content is dynamic and largely video-narrated by farmers, ranchers, and growers from across the U.S., telling their stories within agriculture. Our e-Learning modules, supportive resources, and augmented reality videos are useful for a variety of learning environments, and help create an understanding of the importance of agriculture in feeding our growing world population. Since launching this initiative, these resources have reached teachers, state educators, and university professors in all 50 states, becoming an instrumental addition to virtual classrooms nationally. 

Overview of the U.S. Agriculture


Long-form eLearning modules

15-20 minute chapters, 12 chapters divided across 4 thematic modules


Short-form segments based on the Foundation Garden Tour on the National Mall 

2-3 minutes each, 4 thematic chapters



360-degree video tours give an immersive experience to agriculture and more

Videos include:

- Farming on the National Mall in Washington D.C.


- Tour a pig farm


- Ride a combine through a cornfield 

Farm Journal Foundation

Garden Tour

Overview of the U.S. agriculture system based on the Foundation Garden Tour on the National Mall 

Short-form eLearning modules

2-3 minutes each, 12 segments total



We are honored to support educators and hope these resources and guides are of use in developing your lesson plans and achieving goals for your students. 

Overview of the US Agriculture System

Business & Culture of US Agriculture

Farm Journal Foundation Garden 



5 min video that explains how to access, download, and use the guides offered on this page.

Virtual Reality Tour

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Please feel free to take our survey or touch base with our coordinators with ideas or requests for future e-learning materials. 

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